Facilities Management Services

Medical Facilities & Offices

When attention to details means lives.

The most important component of cleaning medical facilities and offices is knowing how to identify and correctly clean the critical control points throughout your facility.

The goal of the Kleane Kare Medical Cleaning Program is to facilitate and preserve a clean environment for your patients, visitors, and medical staff, while contributing to the reduction of Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAIs). We pay special attention to surface hygiene by performing regular applications of disinfectant throughout the facilities on all touch points: door handles, elevator punch keys, water fountains; paying special attention to restroom areas: flush valves, door handles on partitions and entry/exit doors, faucets, and sink handles.

Providing a Clean Medical Environment for Your World

Operating rooms

Cleaning and disinfecting in surgical and invasive-procedure areas is a team effort that requires a consistent review of processes to identify potential gaps, open communication, and team engagement. Procedures for cleaning and disinfecting should be written, readily available and reviewed annually. Properly written procedures set operational guidelines and establish accountability with staff.

Medical Scanning Rooms

A quality management program should be established and maintained to ensure that all areas are maintained. Compliance indicators should include regulatory compliance, correct selection and use of chemicals and equipment, cleaning and disinfecting procedures and adverse-event reporting.

Medical Laboratories

Tools and equipment needed to perform cleaning and disinfecting tasks should be taken into the room and the door should remain closed while cleaning. Traveling in and out of the lab during the cleaning process should be kept to a minimum. This helps to allow the proper air exchanges through the ventilation system and prevents microorganisms from entering during cleaning.

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Kleane Kare helps owners and managers of large facilities maintain a healthy work environment that can improve morale and safety, while enhancing productivity and your bottom line. With the use of environmentally friendly cleaning products, we offer our customers a full range of personal, dependable, and sustainable solutions. 

Key Benefits Kleane Kare Offers Large Facilities Owners and Managers:

  • We identify and train green-cleaning crews who maintain a healthy work environment with LEED certified products and techniques.
  • We assemble the best team members who fit your facility maintenance and workplace culture.
  • We ramp-up quickly for short-term, intense cleaning and long-term contracts, responding rapidly to customer concerns and requests as they arise.