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Providing You with a Clean and Safe World.

Your office space is where you work, operate, train, inform and entertain. Often times, it’s the physical core around which your brand is built, so it’s vital that your space be properly maintained and not just for appearance, but for the functionality of your company. 

According to Realtime Report, the health and safety of your employees determine the level of success you will have in your business. Ensuring that your employees’ space is clean will increased productively and efficiency and reduce absenteeism.

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Key Benefits Kleane Kare Offers Large Facilities Owners and Managers:

  • Kleane Kares uses environmentally friendly cleaning products and offer our customers a full range of personal, dependable, and sustainable solutions.
  • We identify and train green-cleaning crews who maintain a healthy work environment with LEED certified products and techniques.
  • We assemble the best team members who fit your facility maintenance and workplace culture.
  • We ramp-up quickly for short-term, intense cleaning and long-term contracts, responding rapidly to customer concerns and requests as they arise.

Is your building suffering from
"Sick Building Syndrome?"

If your building’s maintenance is neglected or handled improperly, your employees or tenants may experience these four commons “sick building” symptoms!

Symptom #1

Irritation in the eyes, nose, and throat, manifesting itself as pain, dryness, stinging, hoarseness, and voice problems.

Symptom #2

Skin irritation.

Symptom #3

Headaches, sluggishness, mental and physical fatigue, memory loss and difficulty concentrating.

Symptom #4

Hypersensitivity, like runny nose, upper respiratory infections, teary eyes, and asthma-like responses.